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Tate is addressing the cooling infrastructure demands in today's raised floor data center environment.

Tate offers a full line of airflow management and in-floor cooling solutions. The continued adoption of high density equipment, virtualization and cloud computing strategies requires the cooling infrastructure of a data center to be capable of adapting to high and often variable heat loads while offering superior energy efficiency.

Tate's line of in-floor cooling products for raised floor data centers can nearly eliminate by-pass air and save significant energy. Using directional airflow and variable-air-volume dampers your data center can instantly react to any variation in utilization to match cooling with the heat load at the rack level. Tate can also provide fan assisted airflow to eliminate hot spots or implement high-density equipment in a current raised floor facilities without significant capital investment.

Raised Floor Data Center Products

Tate’s SmartAire electronically controlled variable air volume damper used in conjunction with DirectAire adjusts the amount of air to meet the specific needs of the rack it services.
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Tate’s PowerAire fan assist module is designed to provide a blast of cooling through an individual airflow panel. This powerful solution is ideal for solving the toughest hot spots in a data center.
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Unlike other grate panels the DirectAire, DirectAire X2, and the new DirectAire Al angle the airflow toward the ewquipment achieving a 93% Total Air Capture (TAC) rate by a standard server rack.
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Tate's full line of GrateAire panels have the unmatched ability to handle heat density needs of the most demanding mission critical facilities.
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Designed in conjunction with Dell for use with their Energy Smart Rack® the RackAire™ airflow panel supplies air directly to the vertical duct of a fully contained rack.
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Directional Perf
Unlike other perforated panels the Directional Perf uses patent pending technology to angle the air toward the equipment achieving a 93% Total Air Capture (TAC) rate by a standard server rack.
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Perf Panels
Tate's Perforated panels can be used in 24" and 60cm systems and have a 25% open area.
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Opposed Blade Damper
Tate's Opposed Blade Damper allows the user infinite airflow adjustability when it comes to airflow from any airflow panel in Tate's portfolio.
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Tate has partnered with Upsite Technologies, the makers of KOLDLOK, to bring you the most advanced wire & cable penetration Air Sealing Grommet available, assisting in the elimination of by-pass air.
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HotLok blanking panel products reduce high intake air temperatures by preventing hot exhaust air from circulating to the front of the IT cabinets.
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AisleLok products are engineered to seal a variety of openings in the aisle, blocking bypass airflow and maximizing cooling performance.
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Tate offers a full range of hot and cold aisle containment products. ContainAire Partition, Strip Doors, Retracting Roofs, Hinged and Sliding Doors all work together to create the perfect containment solution to meet any data center equipment layout.
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Tate’s IsoFlo cabinet completely isolates the IT cooling from the rest of the facility offering enhanced cost savings and decreasing the capital costs associated with the acquisition of the rack and containment portion of the data center build.
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Rack Shield
The Tate Rack Shield isolation system is designed to capture subfloor supply and dedicate it to the computer thermal load, thereby ensuring that cold supply air will not spill across the raised floor.
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The CRAC Hood Extension is a ceiling return duct that connects the top of the CRAC unit directly to a ceiling return plenum greatly increasing cooling capacity and efficiency by capturing hot exhaust air and channeling it directly into the CRAC unit.
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Velocity Adjustor
Tate's In-Floor Velocity Adjustor, installed between subfloor stations, is designed to eliminate low pressure in the subfloor supply by controlling airflow velocity.
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Return Grille
Tate's high volume ceiling Return Grille directs large volumes of hot exhaust air into the drop ceiling plenum enabling the hot air to exit freely minimizing mixing with the cooling air flow.
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