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SwisspearlHigh Quality Cement Composite Panel Systems

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Swisspearl offers a wide range of homogeneously colored panels in several textures.

Swisspearl Carat SL

CARAT SL panels have a colored through core with a transparent or pigmented top finishing shade in shade. The unique natural look and the timeless beauty of the monolithic material with its delicate vein texture provide an exciting and noble expression to buildings with special character.

Available in a wide spectrum of complementary shades, CARAT SL is just the top of the line façade solution to create contrasts and spectacular effects or to blend harmoniously into the surrounding settings.

Swisspearl Reflex

Also with an integrally colored core, these high tech panels bear an iridescent surface finishing on pure acrylic base. Changing lighting and angle of vision produce fascinating nuances in the colors.

These directional panels come in 14 shades; they are particularly suited for contemporary buildings of any size and scope with a very modern architecture. Wherever in the world!

Swisspearl Xpressiv

The latest panel generation with a very vivid texture was designed to give a unique touch to the façades, regardless of their size.

Soon available in 8 colors.

Shades Cement Grey, Dark Grey, Brown and Red are provided as colored through panels, the other 4 shades are upgraded with a pigmented translucent surface coating.

Of course the authentic and sober material has the same excellent behavior and long durability as all the other panels of the Swiss Collection.

Panels Coated on Both Sides

Any panel may be finished on both sides, either in the same or a different color, with the same or a different type of coating.

Typical applications are panels for balconies (minimum thickness: 12 mm, 15/32"), partition walls partly visible from the other side, windbreaker panels, sliding shutters, louvers, etc.

Additional customized treatment such as perforations, etc. are, of course, also possible.

Swisspearl Perforations

Holes, slots and other shaped perforations allow very unusual effects to express the architect?s individual vision of his building.

Perforated panels may have a function (sliding shutters, windscreens, separation, sound absorption, etc.), or be purely decorative.

They may be used individually or in combination together with plain Swisspearl panels in the same or different shades or with other materials.

Perforations (minimum 20 mm) are normally chamfered, which provides an outstanding finishing quality.

See Design + Installation Manual for restrictions in design possibilities.

Façade Systems With Secret Fixing

The façade systems SIGMA 8 and 12 are designed for applications with the highest standards regarding sophisticated presentation. Available in all the aesthetically unique color ranges CARAT, REFLEX and XPRESSIV, up to a maximum effective panel size of 3048x1220 mm, SIGMA panels are only supplied factory cut and drilled to ensure highest quality control.

The specially engineered system SIGMA 8 combines the large size Swisspearl panels in thickness 8 mm (5/16") and a patented, very clever secret fixing concept that allows a wide scope for individual expression with usual sub framing.

For the SIGMA 12 system 12 mm thick panels are attached from the backside with under cut anchors and cleats to hanging rails.

Competence and Know-How

Standard colors do not exactly meet your wishes? No problem! Swisspearl has unmatched competence and know-how regarding special colors supplied in various textures. In the past 10 years, more than 2000 customized shades were supplied according to architects? specifications.

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